Tuesday, May 25, 2010

thank you to the nice folks at LL magnetic clay

Today's easy chair travels take us too the nice folks at LL magnetic clay,
they sent me some wonderful magnesium bath flakes, thank you again my friends,
i have really enjoyed the bath flakes in warm water as a feet soak, please stop by and
say hello to these nice people

the link to their great website

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

East and west pumpkin bolani

I was not able to attach the photo on my last entry,but wanted to share with you
this yummy pumpkin bolani,soo spicy and slightly sweet,you will enjoy this yummy treat
so stop by and share and visit with these nice folks

their pumpkin bolani

thank you to the nice folks at east and west gourmet food

Come along with me on another easy chair travel,today we visit with the nice people from East and west gourmet food,they sent me some samples of some of their great food,

So far i have tried their pumpkin bolani picture below ,that has to be my favorite so far,

a little bit sweet,but with a wonderful zesty flavor,it reminds me so much of my southern fried pies,but much larger in size,looking forward to trying more of their great food,will add more reviews as i sample their great products,

I will include their link below ,please stop by and see these nice folks sometime you will truly enjoy your visit.and too Saleem look forward to speaking with you agan soon

East and West gourmet food

their yummy pumpkin bolani

Pom wonderful,thank you

On this easy chair travel ,we make our way too California,the nice folks at Pom wonderful,have been so kind to send me some samples of their great pomegranate juice,its soo healthy and makes a nice drink to, too even some yummy recipes.I have made pomegranate muffins with cream cheese frosting from this juice,and hope to make more healthy recipes soon,if anyone would like the recipe let me know,and thank you again too the nice folks at Pom

i will include their link to their website,please stop by sometime and see them

Sunday, May 9, 2010

welcome to my new food blog

Hello to all my friend's and everyone else that has stumbled across me
I do get out of the kitchen sometimes ,and straight to my easy chair ,with a handful of goodies from interesting places and go taste bud traveling .enjoy everyone and come along on this journey with me


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